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The Grant Writer’s Playbook

Do you know the best way to present information in a grant proposal? In this course, an experienced grant writer will show you how to research and write winning proposals that get funded. You will become proficient in the proposal format used by many public foundations. And you will gain a full understanding of the criteria funders use to determine whether your grant proposal gets funded or rejected.

The Grant Writer’s Playbook is an invigorating and informative course that will teach you how to write a grant or proposal to garner funds for your organization or project.

No matter who you are or what level of experience you have, you’ll find The Grant Writer’s Playbook and submitting successful proposals here!

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What’s Inside The Grant Writer’s Playbook?

When you enroll in The Grant Writer’s Playbook, you’ll get instant access to everything you need to write a grant and expand your company.

Access to The Playbook modules and videos for 45 days. ($499 value)

The Playbook Exclusive Journal with a step-by-step guide and worksheets to aid your growth and process throughout The Grant Writer’s Playbook three (3) modules. ($99 value)

Develop a well-written proposal to submit to potential funders and investors. (Priceless)

Here’s a Breakdown of the Modules!


In Module 1,

You will learn how to match funding to your objective, how to tell your story, and how to write the budget for the grant.  Additionally, you will explore various funding sources that are available to those seeking grants and funding for their project.

In Module 2,

You will learn the common pitfalls to grant writing.  You will discover what to look for if consider hiring a grant writer.  Additionally, you will hear tips to creating an effective budget.

In Module 3,

You will learn the components of a proposal.  You will also create a proposal that can be used to garner grants and financial support from agencies.


It was great! So informative!!!! Thank you Tavis Myrick for facilitating and sharing your expertise!


The knowledge released and received was packaged with WEALTH!!!!! Thank you Tavis Myrick for sharing.


I am so glad that my wife and I signed up for this course. After applying the principles conveyed, we were able to get a grant from a big company for our nonprofit.


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